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Mermaid Mask Large


Blending some of the most well kept skin secrets of both land and sea, we have a very effective hydrating facial skincare mask. In a base of Kaolin white clay, this product aids all types of skin to hold moisture (not oil) to prevent drying and ageing. We include imported carrot seed oil to give your skin cells added vitamin A and rose oil for skin cell walls to be nice and strong. Sea Kelp is included and is one of the best "jewels" of the ocean used in having wonderful skin when bathed in and used in skin care products. This mask also is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial mixture without using harsh alcohol or any chemicals at all. Goes on rather white and turns green...a lovely mask for all ages both men and women...Oh, and did I tell you about the amazing cedarwood oil in it......O my goodness, we pamper ourselves!

4 ounce container

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