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Time For Thyme! For skin, too?

I am looking at my herbs floating in my homemade vitamin drink, amazed at how God created all we need to take care of our bodies. All herbs have such good benefits!!  I just bought some more Thyme, so that is today's subject at hand....


Thyme has been used for centuries, not only as a herb, but for medicinal purposes too. Learn more about the eight health benefits of thyme and add more thyme to your diet.


Health benefits of thyme 1: Rich in nutrients


Thyme is packed with flavonoids that have antioxidant capacity. It is also a good source of manganese and vitamin K, which allow for antioxidant protection. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and oxidative stress, which increase the risk of cancer and heart disease and accelerate the aging process.


Health benefits of thyme 2: Anti-inflammatory benefits


Several different studies have found that thyme contains anti-inflammatory properties and may help prevent chronic inflammation of the body.


Health benefits of thyme 3: A healthy heart


The antioxidant protection of thyme combined with its anti-inflammatory effects help to prevent cardiovascular disease as chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of heart disease.


Health benefits of thyme 4: Fight off bacteria


Thyme has antibacterial properties which are proven to help fight a variety of bacteria and fungi, including e.coli. Lab studies found that thyme oil extract showed fighting power against antibiotic-resistant strains of several different types of bacteria.


Health benefits of thyme 5: Breathe easy


Thyme helps to improve respiratory health and has been used for centuries to treat chest and respiratory conditions like coughs and bronchitis. Try making your own thyme tea by steeping a few leaves in hot water and allowing to brew. Drink the tea to help treat respiratory conditions and a cold.


Health benefits of thyme 6: Get some iron


Thyme is a great source of iron, providing nearly 20% of the recommended daily allowance for an adult in only 2,8 grams. Iron is essential for energy production and iron deficiency may cause anaemia, fatigue and make the body more susceptible to infection.


Health benefits of thyme 7: Feel it in your bones


Thyme can also help to improve bone health as it is an excellent source of vitamin K and a good source of iron, calcium and manganese which are all essential to promoting proper bone growth, maintaining strong, healthy bones and preventing bone disease.


Health benefits of thyme 8: Skin health


A study at Leeds Metropolitan University in England found that thyme was effective at fighting the bacteria that causes skin acne. Herbs like thyme are thought to be gentler on the skin than other products because of their anti-inflammatory properties.


So add some thyme to your life and reap a range of rewards.

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