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What's Cookin' ?...hopefully some "O" Thieves Oil in your diffuser!



I have had several requests for the blend of very beneficial oils traditionally called "Theives". This blend has been used for a couple hundred years or more. No one distributor can take the credit for this wonder or claim theirs is the "medicinal" blend that works best. For a small bottle from a couple of multi-marketing companies will cost you in the area of $45. Good news is, you can make your own blend in a small portion or for a large recipe making approximately 5 small bottles of your own in the neighborhood of $40. Bottom line, we all want to build our immune systems without spending our paycheck to do it. No person in their right might should try to persuade one to purchase only one line of essential oils very highly priced when you can be frugal and happy making your own? Now, I will be making this blend for folks who do not have the time to make theirs or simply prefer to purchase a very good price. I am not our to see how high my profit margin can get, I seek to help all my clients and friends to take care of themselves at affordable prices or bartering! The information about this blend in a nutshell, is it really purifies the air, is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. With this in mind, the uses are endless, from making your own house spray, cleaning wipes, ointments, diffuser oil, hand sanitizer and more. Space does not permit me to share the amazing uses of each of the oils in the recipe. Mind you, age, health, pregnancy, should be considered before any essential oil blend is put directly on the body and NEVER without a carrier. When I make my blends, I also let mine set for a couple weeks and just because I have this in my routine, I do a skin patch test on myself before it is used or sold to anyone else. The longer you let this blend set, the better the overall fragrance as well and essential oils work very powerfully when mixed..kind of like a "team"! Here is a recipe for a small batch of "Theives" oil. It is said that this oil was used during the time period of the plagues being very effective.


10 drops Rosemary 35 drops Lemon

15 drops Eucalyptus 40 drops Cloves

20 drops Cinnamon


Keep oils off of your skin and use glass containers storing out of direct sunlight. This mixture costs approximately $8 and makes enough for some good uses!

GRANNY'S REMEDIES....baking soda!


This inexpensive jewel is used at our home continually. Many have a box in the fridge, opened. How does this powder remove odors? This is sodium bicarbonate, which is an inorganic powder. Home smells are made of organic oils that become "stuck" in the powder and then neutralized in the same manner of which a sponge absorbs water. The "yechies" remain in the baking soda and eventually become inactivated! We always sprinkle some in our kitty litter boxes for good reason. You can put some in a glass jar, sprinkle in some essential oils, shake, put holes in the lid...and you have your own carpet fresh. This smells wonderful in your vacuum bag! Baking Soda is soothing on skin and will detox safely. At Eden's we use this in our bath bomb fizzies and our skin care bath salts. Personally, I mix it with coconut oil for a nice toothpaste. About 1/4 t. in a cup of water will settle any indigestion. Google baking soda benefits and you will be amazed. Be sure to purchase it with no aluminum added.





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