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Our Customers Show Love!

" My absolute favorite is the sandalwood soap. I also love the eucalyptus sea salt scrub and Shea butter. I have a lot of allergies and was discouraged for many years, trying to find products that weren't irritating to my skin or too perfumed. When I tried Eden's Leaf, it was such a relief to my skin. Especially the Shea butter. I feel like over time it cured my eczema. I seriously don't have any signs or symptoms now. ."

- Mandi Vest - Professional Hair Stylist

" I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVE Eden's Leaf Soaps and Shea butters!!!! They BLOW OUT ALLLLL other beauty bars I have EVER USED- Especially in the organic line...the fragrances of the soaps are so beautiful and rejuvenating as well as the quality of the bars are far beyond what you will find or pay for in any chain- and I love that they are thick handmade skin is so replenished after my baths and I love using the butters on my face- I have ALWAYS had horrible acne- and I really struggled with moisturizers for my skin- I would either break out or stay dried out-but NOT with Eden's butter- every day- crazy hydration and zero skin blemishes!!! Amazing products- high quality- wonderful company because of the women behind it!!! Great customer service- they go above and beyond-i always HIGHLY recommend them to everyone I know-also integrity is everything to me- and I totally back them 120%!!!

- Leslea Ellison- Stay At Home Mother of 5 & Artist

" As an nail specialist and Esthetician we are exposed to a lot of chemicals. I heard about Edans leaf and the natural products and decided to use some of the products such as the African soap and the Shea butter. A client came in for a pedicure and was embarrassed because she had Eczema on her legs and never wore shorts. I decided to use the African soap on her legs with a sugar scrub to get the dead skin exfoliated and lathered her legs with the Shea butter and asked her to continue using the soap and Shea butter the next month when she came in for her pedicure and she was wearing shorts. She was so excited. I find myself going to all natural and organic products for my clients. Thank you Edans Leaf Tammy!

-Tammy Lynch Licensed Nail specialist and Esthetician  

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